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Re: scsi drive recognition problems

I've seen reports on the aic7xxx and linux-kernel mailing lists about
device-negotiation error under the more recent versions of the driver.
Many of them sounded quite similar to what you've described.  You might
try creating a custom install-disk, using an older version of the driver...
you can find them at ftp://ftp.dialnet.net/pub/linux/aic7xxx/OLD/.

> I've been having problems when (re)installing the Debian distribution using
> the 2.0.8_1998-06-23 *14* installation disk images.
> On two different systems, with two different Adaptec controllers (AHA-2940AU
> and AHA-7880), I have had major problems getting the rescue disk to recognize
> my second scsi drive.
> I have not had this problem (at all) with the 2.0.6_1998-05-12 distribution
> disks.
> At times, I have had to revert to using the 2.0.6_1998-05-12 set, rather than
> use the newer 2.0.8 set (it's only been recently - and even then, with 
> difficulty [I get timeout errors, if the second drive is recognized at all]) 
> to get both disks to be 'seen' by the installation media.
> I am using one IBM DCAS-34330W, and one IBM DCAS-34330 (drives a and b in that
> order).
> I don't know what the problem is, other than maybe a 'newer and better' 
> aic7xxx driver being used.  There are no errors generated when the second
> drive isn't found; only when it is, and then (sometimes) timeout errors.

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