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Re: ran autoup, need deselect clarification

Young, Ed <Ed.Young@echostar.com> writes:
> I ran the autoup.sh script on my 1.3.1 system and used the option of having
> the files in the current directory. The script went along and returned some
> errors, but finaly ended successfully at the part where it discusses
> upgrading to frozen via ftp. I believe the errors are normal as the script
> breaks things and then proceeds to fix them. So I think that part went OK. 

     Yes that sounds normal.

> My question is: 
> Now I need to run deselect and upgrade the rest of my packages. I've been
> following this list and I believe that I need to choose: 
> directory /debian
> and get: 
> dists/frozen/main dists/frozen/non-free dists/frozen/contrib
> and then run ONLY: 
> Without running
> In order to install what is necessary for the upgrade. Once that is done, I
> can rerun deselect and install whatever new and exciting stuff I find. 
> Is this correct? 

     Right On

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