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ran autoup, need deselect clarification

I ran the autoup.sh script on my 1.3.1 system and used the option of having
the files in the current directory. The script went along and returned some
errors, but finaly ended successfully at the part where it discusses
upgrading to frozen via ftp. I believe the errors are normal as the script
breaks things and then proceeds to fix them. So I think that part went OK. 

My question is: 
Now I need to run deselect and upgrade the rest of my packages. I've been
following this list and I believe that I need to choose: 
directory /debian
and get: 
dists/frozen/main dists/frozen/non-free dists/frozen/contrib

and then run ONLY: 

Without running

In order to install what is necessary for the upgrade. Once that is done, I
can rerun deselect and install whatever new and exciting stuff I find. 

Is this correct? 


Ed Young                           (303)706-5425
Software Engineering
Echostar Technology Corporation
Denver, Colorado

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