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RedHat questions (relative to debian)

My brother recently set up a linux machine in Pittsburgh and decided to
choose RedHat over Debian as some other people in his department use it.
I firmly recommended against this, but he failed to listen:) Now, it
seems that these other people aren't as knowledgable (sp?) about RedHat
or linux as first assumed. So I have become a sort-of-defacto
maintainer/customizer of his machine and I am stuck doing it with RH
rather than debian:( Anyway, my questions are (vague and perhaps

1) Is rpm somewhat similar to dpkg? I'll need to put a bunch of stuff on
there and I want to be aware of any pitfalls.

2) I think the front end to rpm is called glint - can it jump out to an
ftp site and download packages in a similar fashion to dpkg-ftp/dselect?

3) Is there something similar to update-rc under RH? For some reason
some nfs stuff didn't get put into the correct rc#.d directories and I'm
used to update-rc for debian packaging.

4) Is there any other warnings or pieces of advice that may be helpful
to me that you can think of?

Any and all help is gratefully appreciated. Cheers, Colin.

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