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Re: RedHat questions (relative to debian)

Colin Telmer wrote:
> 1) Is rpm somewhat similar to dpkg? I'll need to put a bunch of stuff on
> there and I want to be aware of any pitfalls.

Yes. See rpm's man page, the usage is quite similar.
> 2) I think the front end to rpm is called glint - can it jump out to an
> ftp site and download packages in a similar fashion to dpkg-ftp/dselect?

No. There is something called I think glitter that can, but I'm not sure if
it's complete or included with stock redhat.
> 3) Is there something similar to update-rc under RH? For some reason
> some nfs stuff didn't get put into the correct rc#.d directories and I'm
> used to update-rc for debian packaging.

I'm afraid I've forgotten about this one..
> 4) Is there any other warnings or pieces of advice that may be helpful
> to me that you can think of?

Be aware that upgrading a package with rpm will move your modified conffiles
to .rpmold or something like that, without warning. 

Be aware that when you install a redhat package of a daemon, it typically
isn't started manually. Neither are daemons typically restarted when you
upgrade them. And there are on interactive postinst scripts to configure
stuff after you install it.

You'll probably want lots of packages that are not in rpm, you can look on
ftp.redhat.org and find the contrib directories for a lot more stuff.

Note: it's been years since I've used redhat.

see shy jo

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