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HELP! Mail Problem!

Gosh, I love typing mail over telnet!

Smail has just died on me, giving errors such as:

07/02/1998 17:41:08: [m0yrbZe-0000A1C] Deferred TO:debian-user@lists.debian.org
ROUTER:smart_host TRANSPORT:smtp ERROR:(ERR164) transport smtp: BIND server
 failure: : Connection timed out

I am stuck... here is smtp transport:

smtp:   driver=tcpsmtp,
        max_addrs=100,                  # limit on number of addresses
        inet,                           # use route-addr addresses for routing
        remove_header="From",           # Rewrite From and Sender headers
        insert_header="From: ${lookup:from:lsearch{maps/frommap}{$value}{mickyb
        insert_header="Message-ID: <$id@$primary>",
        insert_header="Sender: ${lookup:from:lsearch{maps/frommap}{$value}{mick
        use_bind,                       # resolve MX and multiple A records
        defer_no_connect,               # try again if the nameserver is down
        -local_mx_okay,                 # fail an MX to the local host
        defnames                        # use standard domain searching

(with header rewrites)

here is host.conforder hosts,bind
multi on

heh.. sorry

order hosts,bind
multi on

and route works fine... everything else is fine ???? can anybody help?

Michael Beattie
Hehe! No SIG!

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