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X11 basic configuration files missing with hamm install.

I've installed X under bo just fine without any problems, but under
hamm, during the dselecting process when it asks if you want to create
the xfree86 configuration file, and I type y, I just get an error
message about a missing X related file, not a missing or corrupted *.deb
file or anything, and then it loops back again and asks if I want to
create the configuration file, over and over. If I try and run one of
the X configuration programs after this, I just get an error about
missing files. Which packages under hamm contain the XF86Setup and
XF86Config files that worked so nice for me under bo? If you guys could
name the minimal set of packages that I need for a x11 hamm
installation, it would be much appreciated, cus apparently it seems you
need a lot more files than bo, where all I needed were some fonts, 2
xservers (svga, vga16 for setup), xbase, xlib6, xpm4 and a window



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