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Re: mp3 decoder

On Thu, 02 Jul 1998, Ian Eure wrote:
>On Thu, Jul 02, 1998 at 02:03:00PM +1000, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>> Are there any mp3 decoders available for Linux/Debian?
>> Preferably libc5/bo but libc6/hamm is fine too. It doesn't look like
>> mpg123 or 8hz-mp3 do decoding, and the l3enc/mp3enc people are now shipping
>> the demo without l3dec.
>Well, mpg123 will do the job, with a little help from sox...
>eg ``mpg123 -s blah.mp3 >blah.raw ; sox -V -r 44100 -s -c 2 blah.raw blah.wav''
>and then rm blah.raw. It could be done much nicer if sox accepted input from a
>pipe, but it doesn't seem to like doing that.

splay will do a similar thing to mpg123 by using 'splay -d - blah.mp3 >
blah.raw' and running it through sox.

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