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Mysterious frequent crashes at the same interval on three machines.

I've tried throwing up my hands in frustration, but so far it hasn't

I have three Debian machines here, and they're rebooting quite
frequently on almost exactly the same irregular schedule.  The time
between reboots has ranged from 11 to 70 hours over the past couple of
weeks.  There are occasional anomalies, but the time between reboots is
usually identical to within a minute on the three machines.

One machine (Hamm 2.0.33 as-installed) is outside our firewall.  The
others (Bo, 2.0.27 as-installed, and Bo 2.0.30 customized), are inside,
but do not have regular communication with each other or the one
outside.  The only exception is that the 2.0.27 machine has its clock
synchronized to the 2.0.30's with netdate.

I can discern no patterns in the timing.  I have removed all of the
packages that I reasonably can, to no avail.  There are no core dumps.
Nothing useful is being logged at any time immediately preceeding the

Can someone suggest some other things that I should look at?

Thanks in advance,
Autumn Umanetz

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