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Re: auctex not happening

[A courtesy copy has also been sent to the auctex package maintainer.]

Waldemar ¯urowski wrote:
> AFAIK it is not. AUCTeX is separate package for Emacs, and there is
> "native"(?) tex-mode in Emacs. In other words, if someone wants to use
> AuCTeX, she/he should put require tex-site in .emacs.

Mark Phillips wrote:
> The fact that someone is installing AUCTeX would suggest to me that
> they probably want "require tex-site" in their .emacs.  So either
> this should be done automatically, or probably even better, the configure
> script should prompt the user, asking them if they want this done.

I agree.  Further spelunking in the bowels of my system leads me to
believe that the Debian way would be to put (require 'tex-site.el) in
/etc/emacs/site-start.el or to have the package itself put a symlink to
tex-site.el in /etc/emacs/site-start.d/.  This is the default behavior
of tm and vm (i.e., they install


respectively.  (Don't ask me to explain why one package installs in
/etc/emacs/ and the other in /etc/emacs19/.))

> The thing that annoyed me is that AUCTeX was working on my bo system, but
> after upgrading it stopped working.  So either upgrading AUCTeX or
> upgrading emacs changed "require tex-site" so that it was commented
> out in my .emacs script.

I used to have AUCTeX working on my hamm system without my having to do
anything special in my ~/.emacs until I upgraded recently.  Then I had
to put in the (require 'tex-site).  I think this happened when I
replaced the emacs package with the emacs19 + emacsen-common

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