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Re: oops, the message

Richard E. Hawkins Esq. wrote:
> d) if kernel-headers is installed after kernel-source, it seems to change the linux >symlink to itself.  libc6dev seems to demand kernelheaders even if source is already >installed.  this also causes "include/asm" is a directory problems
> rick

	Its supposed to do this.  There's been a major change in Linux "policy"
regarding headers.  From now on the standard headers will be distinct from
the actual headers from the source tree of your kernel source.  Debian has
chosen to standardize now on the headers from 2.0.32 for this purpose. 
You're supposed to use the actual kernel headers (the ones that belong to
the kernel you are currently running) only for programse (like drivers) that
need to now about internal kernel specifics.  Most other apps will work fine
with older, but stable, headers.  That's the theory anyway.


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