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Re: CD-rom and Zip-drive

>> "MV" == Marc van der Vossen <marc@vdvossen.cistron.nl> writes:

MV> I have a problem with my secondary IDE channel. I have a CD-rom as
MV> slave ans
MV> a Zip-drive as Master on that controller. When I insert my Debian-CD,
MV> install goes OK. Then, after reboot, dselect starts and I say; load from
MV> CD-rom. That's the place it does not work. I tried installing a mitsumi
MV> driver with the following settingns,
MV> mcd=0x376,15

No, this line is used for the running the a mitsumi cdrom attached to a
soundcard (IIRC).

You don't need any driver for atapi devices.

You said "it does not work", but what message do you get?

When you choose dselect's cdrom method, it will ask you about a block

master at the 2nd IDE controller is /dev/hdc
slave  at the 2nd IDE controller is /dev/hdd

Try this when dselect asks you.


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