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Re: library upgrade, required, but conflicts?

Gregory Guthrie wrote:
> I an trying to install a new package (NTFS) which requires libc6; so I got
> the libc6 package, and tried to install it. Dselect reports that:
>   NTFS depends on libc6, libc6 conflicts with lib5, libc5 is required by
>    many-many other things, so it wants to uninstall a huge list of things.
> I have seen bunched of discussions on the list about library upgrades, but
> ignored them, as I was trying to make my life simple by sticking with the
> stable (1.0.31 CD) distribution. I did upgrade to the .30 kernel from the
> Recommendations?
> Thanks,
> Gregory Guthrie
>    guthrie@Mum.edu

	Well, if you want to continue keeping your life simple, you'd better not
proceed any further, because upgrading from libc5 to libc6 is not a simple
or quick affair (this is the primary difference between 1.3.1 and 2.0). :-) 
To do what you want requires a library switch.  I don't believe you can
install libc6 without upgrading the rest of your system to use it, i.e.,
libc6 can't be a 'secondary' library while allowing libc5 to be the
'primary' one.  It can work the other way around though.  You can have libc6
as 'primary' and have libc5 for those programs that still need it.  If you
have the time, you can begin the upgrade with the autoup shell script from
debian.org (look for the "Developer's Corner"), and upgrade only essential
packages while keeping libc5 on hand for the rest.


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