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Re: FW: about K6 bug

On Wed, Jun 03, 1998 at 10:11:17AM -0400, Richard E. Hawkins Esq. wrote:
> >(ex: Office Max here in Anchorage has
> >Packard Bell 200MMX's with 32MB SDRAM, 3GB HD's, 56k modems etc. for $699.
> >The demo at the store has been running for over a month solid now with no
> >problems...). 
> Yep, that's about how long that brand will run :)
> More seriously, I'd avoid packard bill unless, perhaps, it has been given to 
> you.  They have a tendency to use non-standard parts that can't be replaced 
> with standard parts (oddly sized motherboards and the like), and are *grossly* 
> disproportionately represented int the "computer from hell" gripes.

That has been my experiance...
a demo at a store is one thing... my first PC (as in Intel Based
machine...my machine up until that was an Apple II GS- with a blazin
65816 runnin at 2.6 MHz) was a Packard Bell Pentium 100.

Within 1 month the mouse died...and currently (going on 2 years later)
the keyboard is finiky (not sure if it is the keyboard or
the motherboard connector)

I got to the point of wanting a "bigger system" quickly... I was able
to add RAM...by contorting my hands in odd ways as to make them fit inside the
tiny case (adding a tape drive was even worst)

I found out I could not upgrade the processor as they used a cheap motherboard 
that at most supported a Pentium 100 (gee they didn't advertise that)

The system is so weird...it took me an hour to figure out how to open the case
(instructions on how to do that were only included in the "online docs"
which I couldn't get for obvious reasons...it was off!)

I never did get the soundcard to work under linux...and...do you want to run X 
on one of their monitors? good luck figuring out what the Hsync and Vsync
frequencies are! 
I was able to figure out from the FCC ID who REALLY made the monitor 
(what you think Packard Bell makes monitors?) and what its model # really
was...from that I was able to get it to work fine.

It is my personal current policy that I will never again buy a "Name Brand" 
system (with the few exceptions being SUN, DEC, SGI.. when I can afford them 

I have found that with a few careful purchases it is easy to come up witht the 
parts to build a system rather cheaply...and it is nice to know
that you are the one who decided to cut the corner and buy
cheap parts...rather than leaving the decision on which parts to spend more on
and which parts to buy cheaply to some company.

(BTW avoid BIOSTAR motherboards...I have run into one that WILL NOT work with 
linux...it tested fine with win95 but had IDE errors under linux.)


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