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Fwd: Bug#23064: install problem

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>    I am trying out Linux for the 1st time. I teach IT at Jacksin
> Community College in
> Michigan. I bought a hard drive for my 486dx4 and got as far as the
> base-1.bin install.
> I get the error "wrong disk, can't find files" or such verbage to that

> effect. I tried the rawrite2
> program thinking maybe I had to convert the base-1.bin 1st. No better.
> re-downloaded toa new floppy
> but it still doesn't accept it.
>     Any ideas? I have 24 megs RAM and everything has worked up to this

> point;  boot in Linux
> format swap drive, etc.
>    I'd really like to get out of the windows prison!
>        thanks,
>           Matt Pittaway

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