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    I am installing Debian Linux1.3 on my Pentium 200MMX 32MB RAM 
                                       PCI VGA CARD
                                       COLOR MONITOR(15 inch)
                                   INTEL 10/100 Mbps ethernet card(eth0)
                                       Video Card Sis6215C
                                       Hard disk 2O12MB
                                       1 parallel port 
                                       2 serial ports
                                       1 FDD
                                       24Xcdrom drive
.I am facing some problems in installing it from CDROM.

  We want to set it up as a WebServer.But we are facing a problem in
installing it.The step of configuring the device drive module in the net
is not done as it is asking the iobase number which we are unable to
trace. Kindly give some suggestion.
                                           Thanking you,
                                           Yours SINCERELY 
                                           Survinder Singh SONDHI

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