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Re: Query


Hi Sagar!!!!

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Sagar Bhate wrote:

> sir,

>     I am installing Debian Linux1.3 on my Pentium 200MMX 32MB RAM 
>                                        PCI VGA CARD
>                                        COLOR MONITOR(15 inch)
>                                    INTEL 10/100 Mbps ethernet card(eth0)
>                                        Cache:512k
>                                        Video Card Sis6215C
>                                        Hard disk 2O12MB
>                                        1 parallel port 
>                                        2 serial ports
>                                        1 FDD
>                                        24Xcdrom drive
> .I am facing some problems in installing it from CDROM.

I suposse that:

You have tested the CDROM works, maybe with another Operating System

If everything is correct, then when the system boots up you should see
that the CDROM is detected. 

	Do you see that?
	Do you see any error message? (There will be some ones that
	reports error from devices not installed on your system)

>   We want to set it up as a WebServer.

You certainly have choosed a good solution. Linux is an excellent option.

> But we are facing a problem in
> installing it.The step of configuring the device drive module in the net
> is not done as it is asking the iobase number which we are unable to
> trace. Kindly give some suggestion. 

I do not understand very well... I suposse what you are saying:

You don't know wich IO base adress is using your ethernet board

Well, if it's a PCI board you don't need to specify the io base adress,
the Linux module driver will find that for you. Many times these 10/100
boards doesn't autodetect if they are on a 10 or a 100 network. When you
are going to load the module driver you can force the setup of your
network. You should be asked for this parameters in the installation.

It will help us if you also tell us the exact model of your ethernet board
and what is your network topology (10/100, hub or switch or nothing?)

I hope this helps,


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