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Re: Java JDK 1.15 on Debian?

On Thu, May 28, 1998 at 12:46:02PM -0700, Marcus Johnson wrote:
> So, given the fact I'm not in a position to compel the admin to upgrade to
> Debian 1.3 or 2.0 (but can and will lobby for it),

Probably your admin will feel more necouraged if you show him some of the
root shell expoits that have been found since them (no, I won't tell you
any). Debian 1.1 is pretty old.

> in the meantime where
> does this leave me when I want to install the JDK 1.1.5 in my own shell
> account area? Which libraries and other configuration dealie-mic-bobbers
> which I need to get the admin to set in order to make this work?

> * I did ftp the Bryne jdk1.1.5-v5-glibc.tar files,
This means it is using libc6, a new c library version. On a Debian 1.1
machine, this is probably not what you want. You can check the satisfaction
of libraries by issueing "ldd comman" where command is the executabel to

Probably you need a libc5 version of jdk, not glibc.

> which in my case is 
> export/w1/hbe/java/jdk1.1.5v5-980311/bin/
> and I type javac FileName.java as in:
> bay1:~/java/jdk1.1.5v5-980311/bin % javac DBClient.java

You do have the current directory in the path? You may want to check with
"which javac" if the correct java command is executed.

> I get the following response: 
> export/w1/hbe/java/jdk1.1.5v5-980311/bin/../bin/i586/green_threads/javac:
> /export/w1/hbe/java/jdk1.1.5v5-980311/bin/../bin/i586/green_threads/java: No
> such file or directory
> What does this mean?  Does this tell me I need to set some symbolic link? 

This means that the file does not exist. I don't have the tar ball here, but
maybe you can try to look at the i586 directory yourself and search a bit?

> * Without changing anything, if I'm in most of my directories, because the
> jdk directories aren't in the path, I get a "command not found" type
> response.  No suprise there, but I'm not sure what I should put in my path
> to make it work correctly.

in your .bash_profile, add ":~/java/jdk1.1.5v5-930311/bin" to your PATH.
> Thanks in advance!

I hope I could point you in the right direction.

> Marcus

dito :)

> >         I don't think jdk1.1.5 is packaged for Bo (Debian 1.3), so if you are
> > using bo, you will probably have to see www.blackdown.org, and download the
> > jdk1.1.5v5 tarball for libc5 and set it up yourself. Or else upgrade to hamm.
> > :).
                           ^^^^^ for libc5 != glibc!

> >         For me, the jdk debian packages works out of the box while the tarball
> > only works once you set some symbolic links for its libraries into /usr/lib or
> > somewhere where it normally looks for libraries.

You can set LD_LIBRARYPATH (correct name?) to search for libraries in
special directories.


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