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Re: xemacs splits mail

David Z. Maze writes:
 > Stefan Gödel <goedel@mail.deuba.com> writes:
 > SG> I'm trying to send a mail with some big attachments. I use xemacs for
 > SG> mail reading and writing and it splits this message into several
 > SG> pieces. This is a problem, because the mail reader of the recipient is
 > SG> not able to get those pieces together again. Is there a way to avoid
 > SG> the splitting?
 > Which mail reader (Gnus/vm/rmail/mh-e/?) are you using?

Hi David,

I'm using VM. Does this really matter? I always felt that reading and
writing / sending of mail are very distinct from each other (at least in
xemacs). I'm using the usual mail mode with mime extensions to write
my mail.


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