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fvwm window "shadows" don't move...


I just installed Debian/GNU 1.3.1, I've got pretty much everything
going as I want it.

On problem, though, is as follows:
	I'm using fvwm2 as a window manager under XFree86.  When I
click and hold the left mouse button on a window "handle" or title
bar, and move the mouse the window stays in place, and only the
crosshair moves, which makes it hard to determine where the window
will actually land.  I copied my old fvwm2rc and XF86Config files from
my old slackware system, and on that setup, when I moved a window, the
border of the window would move around with the crosshair, so I could
get a better feel for where the window would land.
	Basically, I'd like to have that border back, because it's
kinda hard to judge where a window will land with just the crosshair.
Even better, I'd like to have the entire window move with the
crosshair, but either way is okay.
	Anybody know how I can get this feature to work?

Thanks in advance,
Eagerly awaiting Debian 2.0,
garman AT uiuc DOT edu

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