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Re: Netscape not resolving some domain names

Keith Alen Vance wrote:
> I have just installed Netscape Communicator 4.05  on my Debian 1.3
> system and I am having alittle trouble.
> Problem #1 Netscape does not resolve all domain names. It will go to the
> Gimp site but not AfterStep or Netscape homepage. I am assuming that it
> has something to do with reverse DNS or something. It says the the host
> debian is not valid. It is looking at my system name and trying to
> resolve it as a domain name. What do I need to change to make it so I can
> go to all web sites?
> Problem #2 Netscape does not fit correctly on my screen. I can't resize
> it because the blue bar at the top is off the screen. Is there a keyboard
> command I can use to resize the Netscape window. Can I just make it full
> screen? I am running Xfree86 3.3.1 and AfterStep 1.4.
> Thank You,
> Keith

	I can't really help with Problem #1.  Do you have a PPP connection to an
ISP, or something more complicated?
	With problem #2, can you 'grab' (with the mouse; put arrow over side edge
and press and hold button 1) the side of the Netscape box and pull it
up/down so the top blue box is visible?  This may depend on the window
manager you are using (I'm using fvwm95).  If all else fails, you can hack
the '~/.netscape/preferences.js' file and modify the window size manually,
so that it fits.


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