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Re: Enabling XDM on Debian Linux

Yugesh Ramsaha wrote:
  >.... I read the FAQOMATIC on about How to enable
  >xdm and
  >there it is said that I should uncomment a few lines in the file
  >/usr/X11/config -- now this
  >file is not there on my system and moreover it does not seem to play a
  >major in the
  >booting process .

That should be /etc/X11/config.  If that does not exist, reinstall xbase.
[Sounds as though that faq-o-matic needs editing...]

  >                  After reading the debian documentation , I understand
  >that I should put
  >all scripts to be executed at boottime in /etc/init.d and then create a
  >symbolic link to it in
  >the /etc/rcN.d directory where N is the default runlevel in the file
  >/etc/inittab.I'm really
  >confused here and I no longer know what to do.

Too right! You *don't* need to do this; it is done automatically by
the package installation scripts.  Delete whatever you have put in
there and definitely reinstall xbase.  The documentation you have been
reading correctly describes what happens; your mistake is in thinking
that *you* have to do it.

  >                                               I tried placing xdm in the
  >/etc/init.d and a symbolic link to it in /etc/rcN.d. At first it seems
  >to work , but every time
  >I put my login and password , it returns to the xlogin widget each

You have put xdm itself in place of the script that should be controlling

If you ever think you need to perform such convoluted exercises on any
package, think again.  Any such package would be so broken as to be
unusable.  A package ought to install straight off with no problems and
very little interaction.

  >        This has driven me
  >crazy and I just want someone to tell me how to do it the right way.It
  >should be no secret
  >you that I am quite new to Linux and managing my own system though I've
  >been using
  >HP-UX as a user at college.I'll be glad if you could email me to help me
  >out .Thanks a

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