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Re: newsgroup, instead of mail list?

> new to Debian and probably Linux as well.  A 'real' newsgroup would be better
> than a simulated one for those of us who can't/won't use something like emacs
> with gnus.

I used to run gnus on a 486 with 8MB, so I can sympathize. And it's
understandable for those you just don't like emacs. I have to admit
that even though I think it's the best, there have been times when I
have had to let certain aspects "grow on" me. But I am surely happy
that I have made this choice, considering that it leads to
sophisticated and powerful ways of working. Clearly the resource
arguments against emacs and gnus are losing quickly in a time of
rapidly falling RAM prices (< $1/MB).

>     Finally, I wouldn't have to explicitly set the reply-to address to make sure
> a reply goes back to the list and not just the individual who wrote the message
> I'm replying to.

This is yet another reason to use a good mail or news reader. Gnus has
nice keystrokes ready to go:

F,f,R, and r


Follow-up and quote, follow-up, Reply and quote, and reply

If you want the ultimate in power and flexibility (after all, why are
you using GNU/Linux in the first place?), go with gnus. Plus it will
encourage you to learn emacs. Henceforth, you will be transformed. :)


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