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Re: newsgroup, instead of mail list?

George Bonser wrote:
> Think of a mailing list to Unsenet as a "resource multiplier". If one
> single email is read by hundreds or thousands of people, the mail servers
> at both ends are given a break, only one copy needs to exist on the news
> server for many to read it, the message auto-expires after a set time
> unless you specificly decide to save it.
> The more people that follow the list via news, the fewer problems with
> bounces, subscribe and unsubscribes, etc.
> George Bonser

    I have to agree here.  Remember, this mailing list is being used by people
new to Debian and probably Linux as well.  A 'real' newsgroup would be better
than a simulated one for those of us who can't/won't use something like emacs
with gnus.
    The other thing I like about a real newsgroup is that my newsreader
downloads just the headers of messages and not the entire message.  It downloads
the whole message only if I want to read it.
    Finally, I wouldn't have to explicitly set the reply-to address to make sure
a reply goes back to the list and not just the individual who wrote the message
I'm replying to.


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