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Re: newsgroup, instead of mail list?

Þann 23-May-98 skrifar Ed Cogburn:
>     I have to agree here.  Remember, this mailing list is being used by
> people
> new to Debian and probably Linux as well.  A 'real' newsgroup would be better
> than a simulated one for those of us who can't/won't use something like emacs
> with gnus.
  The problem with news servers, and reading threads like this one there, is
for the home user.  If you have a 28.8 link, or 14.4 link, and start reading
the news, you will be downloading a far greater amount than if you just
subscribe via email.  You'll never have the patience to wait for the whole
news to finish, not to mention that many ISP news servers are simply buggy in
the first place.

  This is why I don't read news, unless I'm at my Uni... then it is both
simpler and faster to browse the news.

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