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Upgrade From RH 5.0 to Debian 2.0


I've had the misfortune of having the hard drives crash on both of
my Debian bo boxes within a week (one was spewing bad sectors and
the other was making that nasty clunking sound of metal on metal).

So I did a stupid thing (being impatient and on a tight schedule) and
installed RH 5.0 on both machines. I didn't realize how great a distro
Debian is until after installing and using RH 5.0 for a week (not to
bash RH, but IMHO they are not in the same league).

I want to re-install Debian 2.0 (hamm) real soon, but am unsure how to


Can I install Debian over top of my RH / and /usr partitions and
leave my /home and /usr/local partitions alone? 

Should I fdisk the / and /usr partitions first?

Can I use my existing RH setup to start an FTP install using

Is there a FAQ dealing with these issues?


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