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Re: TeTex upgrade problems

On 20-May-98 Matt Thompson wrote:

>> First install tetex-base (you should install dpkg-perl before) and after
>> that install the rest of the files. So, you have to install tetex
>> packages in a 2 (or 3) step process: (dpkg-perl,) tetex-base and finally
>> the rest of the tetex .deb files.
> umm...I did this all by dselect.  I did mention it's a full hamm system,
> yes?

The problem is that there's been a change on two of the configuration variables.

To fix the problem declare the variable TEXMFMAIN with something like
$ export TEXMFMAIN=/usr/lib/texmf

This should fix the problem, and if the packages has been installed but not
configured, a simple
$ dpkg --configure --pending

will do.

Is a good thing to keep a copy of your old tetex configuration in case you are
updating an old version of tetex. In this case make a backup of your
/etc/texmf/ dir. The new installation will ask you to change this files with
new ones if you were updating.

Also the configuration of tetex-base will complain about a non-defined
VARTEXFONTS variable. You may define it befor the dpkg.... with a 
$ export VARTEXFONTS=/var/spool/texmf


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