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Re: TeTex upgrade problems

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Matt Thompson wrote:
> > For LaTeX you need TeX.
> ...and so what's LaTeX?
> Matt
TeX is a very powerful text processing system that produces beautifully
formatted parers (books, letters etc).
It can handle mathematics very well, and a lot of books are written that
way. And LaTeX are macros written in TeX to make life easier (and output
better formatted). 
TeX is totally text based(there are "flags" that tells it how you want
things to look like), you edit the source files, then "compile" them
with the latex program. 

If you use LyX as your word processor (I'd recommend learning LaTeX
instead) you use LaTeX. (I think it is the only way to use LaTeX without
knowing you use it, but I may be wrong.)


Liran Zvibel.


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