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RE: Installing Debian from WindowsNT Pt. 2

John, this is a "generic" answer to your question on how to transfer
from your NT box to a Linux (or other UNIX type) system.  I am not
with everything that is part of the Linux Base, so I am going to assume
there are no utilities there for serial file transfer.  If they are, you
ignore the first step.

1.  You will need to get a file tranfer program of some sort onto the
box.  This could be rzsz (the Zmodem receive/send tools), xmodem or
It does need to be a binary executable, so you will need to get it, copy
a floppy and then copy from the floppy to the Linux system.  I will also
assume that you know how to do DOS floppy access from Linux and that the
are there.

2.  Once you have the above installed, login over the Hyperterm serial
It is a good idea to set this to run at the highest bps rate the
hardware can
support, so you get faster transfer times.  On the Linux side, this
would be
done (if I remember correctly) in the /etc/inittab for the getty running
the port.  In Hyperterm, pull down the file menu and select Properties,
click on the configure button to set up the bps rate to match your getty

3.  On the Linux side (at the shell prompt and assuming you got the rzsz
type "rz" to receive a file.  In Hyperterm, pull down the transfer menu
select "Send File..." which will bring up a dialog box where you can
the name of the file to send.  The default protocol is zmodem, change it
whatever you are using on the Linux side if necessary.  Select OK and
the file
should now go over to the directory you logged into (or cd'd to after

Again, this is a fairly high level overview (with details where I
and can check on my local system - for the Hyperterm part at least).  My
Linux box is at home so I cannot check details for you on that end.

Good luck.

Bob McGowan
i'm:  bob dot mcgowan at artecon dot com 

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Subject: Installing Debian from WindowsNT Pt. 2

After searching and searching the FAQ's and HOW-TO's I found that I
enable the COM port on the Linux box in the /etc/inittab file. I can now
log onto my Linux box from hyper terminal on the Windows machine but I
still can't access or send files from the Windows machine to the Linux
I have been through and through all the info I can find on the WEB with
hope. Everything assumes the I have access to the net, but I don't. I
don't have a CD Drive. I have a Pentium motherboard with 16 M RAM, a
hard drive with Debian Linux installed and a 400M hard drive I installed
a second drive AFTER Linux was installed. I've never used Linux or UNIX
before so I need step by step assistance. I realise this is going the
way but my System Administrator won't allow a Linux box to be connect to
the network. He is afraid that Linux will bring down his precious
Is it possible to mount the second hard drive I added after installing
Linux or will I need to re-install Linux. ( It's no big deal at this
I have nothing but the Base Floppies installed right now) I've already
several people bugging me for access to a 'true Operating System' but I
keep telling them I have to get the system installed first.
Thanks again for any assistance you can give.


     John Gay

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