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Re: DOSEmu 97.7

On Sun, May 10, 1998 at 12:22:14PM -0500, Asher Haig wrote:
> Has anyone managed to make DOSEmu 97.7 work? There doesn't seem to be a 

I have working dosemu 97.7 under Linux/Debian 2.0/Kernel 2.0.33

> CONF: memcheck - Fatal error.  Memory conflict!
>     Memory at 0x16400:0x0000 is mapped to both:
>     'Base DOS memory (first 640K)' & '(null)'

Ghm... Maybe you have wrong dosemu.conf?

> Does anyone know either how I can make this work or where I can get a 
> .deb of the newest DOSEmu? (97.7 at this point)

Well, if you wish I can send you my dosemu.conf/list of compilation steps by

Alexey Vyskubov

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