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Re: XF86Setup not finding where Xfree86 is installed

Why do you don't use the deb packages and let install dselect this for

A shortcut to  gzip and tar would be

	tar xvpfz *.tgz


On Sun, 10 May 1998, Keith wrote:

> I have downloaded what I belienve to be all of Xfree86. I have followed
> the instructions to the letter for installing Xfree86. When I try to run
> XF86Setup I get an error saying that it could not find where I have
> installed Xfree86 and that I should set the XWINHOME evironment variable
> to point to the parent directory. I don't know what they are saying. I
> put the path statement in my .bash_profile for /usr/X11R6. the only
> thing that I can think of is that i haven't downloaded the right files.
> Here is a list of files that I downloaded if this is not right or I need
> more files let me know. Also on a couple of these files when I extracted
> them after it seemed they extracted I got a message saying 'Broken
> Pipe'. This is what I used to extract the files, 'gzip -dc X332bin.tgz |
> tar xfB - ' that is what they say to use in the HOW-TO.
> X3321upd.tgz
> X3328set.tgz
> X332bin.tgz
> X332cfg.tgz
> X332doc.tgz
> X332fnts.tgz
> X332jdoc.tgz
> X332jset.tgz
> X332lib.tgz
> X332upd.tgz
> X332man.tgz
> X332set.tgz
> X332upd.tgz

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