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Re: How to build Debian Linux cluster?

On Thu, May 07, 1998 at 05:15:26PM -0600, Kenneth L. Summers wrote:
> > Could you please give more details about that.  Imagine I need to update some 
> > package (perl for example) on 6 nodes simultaneously, what do I do?
> It was posted a week or so ago, but here's what they said:
>  a) Install one machine with all the packages you like.
>  b) Get the selection with
>     dpkg --get-selections > my.selection
>  c) Install the next machine
>     Quit dselect after you specified the access method
>  d) Add the selection from the other machine with 
>     cat my.selection | dpkg --set-selections
>  e) Run dselect to install the files  Or if you need batch mode
>     mount /pub/debian under /mnt and then
>     cd /mnt
>     dpkg -iGROEB hamm/hamm hamm/contrib hamm/non-free

	That's good for selecting packages but if you are
	just updating the things, my suggestion would be a
	local mirror and apt-get update && apt-get upgrade &&
	apt-get clean.

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