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Setup w/large hard drives

   I tried setting up bo on a friend's hard drive today -- actually,
two different hard drives, one IDE and one SCSI, both 3.2 gig drives
which have more than 1024 cylinders.

   My first attempt was to create a 64 meg primary partition which was
to be root, then a swap partition, then other partitions.  I did this
with Debian's regular installation using cfdisk.  However, when it
came time to make a file system and/or mount the root partition, the
system would not list out the first partition.

   Next, I tried making one huge partition with about 100 megs in a
swap partition.  The install program let me create a file system and
mount this as root, but of course LILO wouldn't install to make the
system bootable from the hard drive.

   Could someone give me a tutorial on how one should deal with large
hard drives with Linux?  I could've sworn I was on the right track
with the small 64 meg root partition -- thus getting that under the
1024 cylinder boundary -- but that doesn't appear to be so.  If anyone
could give me some pointers on this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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