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SOLVED! Lyx 0.12.0 crashes X server under bo (but there may be a bug in XFree86 3.3)

After some experiments I have found the solution.
I'm really very amused with the result. 
The lyx crashed X's after inserting the PS picture only when I've set the
screen fonts to ISO-8859-2. 
I've checked the ISO-8859-2 font directories on my box and stated that
"fonts.dir" does not exist in some of them - so the X server wasn't able
to find some fonts.
Running mkfontdir fixed all the problems.
Well, but one problem still exists! Why lack of some fonts causes X server
to crash instead of using other available fonts, or crashing only the
process trying to use unavailable fonts?
It seems to me that this is a serious bug in XFree86 3.3 :-(.
I have experienced similar problems with Netscape, and now I think that
the reason was the same - unavailable fonts in ISO-8859-2.

			Wojtek Zabolotny

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