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Re: partition dumbness causing kernel panic

On Sun, 3 May 1998, aaron chizor brick wrote:

> so now it isn't booting still off the HD, but if i use the use the rescue 
> disk and do "rescue root=/dev/hda6" it will boot ok.
> the only clue i have as to what's up is if i run lilo with the settings
> all the same as they were before this went down (ie, legitimate lilo.conf)
> it tells me:
> > Device 0x0300: Invalid partition table, 1st entry
> >  3D address:      0/0/0 (-1)
> >  Linear address:  1/0/0 (0)
> i *think* 0x0300 is my ethernet card, but that may be 0x300...

You're confusing address and device I think. lilo is talking devices:
major 3 minor 0 is hda; i.e. it can't read the partition table on the
1st IDE disk.

In an earlier message, I think you mentioned a kernel panic implying that
your floppy kernel was trying to boot from device 03:05. You can fix this
with rdev to change 03:05 to 03:06. Then you won't need that root=/dev/hda6

> i poked around in /proc and /etc looking for reference to "0x0300" and the
> only things i found were in /proc/kcore (duh) and /etc/magic. neither of
> those seem too useful...
> what is the problem that causes the symptom of the system not doing anything
> when it should load lilo? this is what's been going on this whole time with
> the normal (from HD) boot - it says the cache size and clock speed and does
> nothing more. if you can elucidate this for me i'd be very grateful.

Because of the problem with reading the partition table, lilo (assuming 
it's there) can't be loaded. You'll know when it is loaded as it will 
emit L.

You could post your /etc/lilo.conf for people to review. The linear 
option is often useful (I have disks where I have to use it to get lilo
past LI). A thorough reading of /usr/doc/lilo/Manual.txt.gz would
probably be most useful.

What does the partition table of hda look like (1st fixed disk if looking 
with FDISK in DOS).


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