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Re: Questions, questions, questions...*sigh*

Ok lets see...
your hardware should be fine...I dont know about that sound card tho
I have been advised to stay away from anything by SIIG...cheap stuff)
SOund is usually something you might wanna wait a while to setup :) it
can be
My best advice is to take it slow at first...chances are you willl screw
your whole
systeme up a few times and hafta reinstall...but...
its all part of learning :)
ok partitioning...
yes your new 500 MB drive should be partitioned.
if it is ONLY going to have linux on it then...
2 partition sshoul db ejust fine...
lets assume that you have the drive as the second (slave) drive on the
first IDE
controller...under linux the second drive is called /dev/hdb and
partitions on it
are labeled /dev/hdb# (where # is the number of the partition)
you will have /dev/hdb1 and /dev/hdb2
/dev/hdb1 should be you rmain linux partition and take up most of the
thats where all of your files go :)
/dev/hdb2 soul dbe swap space...I woul dmake this at least 32 MB
probably 64
this is used as "Virtual Memory" is under Win95 (except much more
as for actually doing that...it will be taken care of as part of the

debian packages...hmm...
check out the web page on installing...
you will need to make up a set of install disks
it tells you how...I would suggest checking out www.cheapbytes.com and
buyig a CD of debian...the install will be alot easier
as for X ... I like FVWM but...its all personal preference...
they all pretty much work :)

James A. Bates wrote:

>  Hello,
>    I am new to Linux and haven't the slightest idea how it works,
> really. I'm attempting to install Debian later today. I have so many
> questions, it's sad. :-)    First, let me tell you about my hardware,
> etc., in case anyone knows if anything is not supported by
> Linux: Processor: AMD K6 233 mhzCD: Mitsumi CD-ROMVideo Card: S3 Virge
> DX/GX PCISound Card: Yamaha OPL3-SAx Sound System (SIIG)Mouse:
> Standard Serial MouseKeyboard: Standard 101/102 KeyModem: Boca
> Internal Fax/Data PnP 33.6RAM: 32 MBMotherboard: KTX Mainboard (That's
> a lot of help, eh? *L*)Printer: Canon BJ-300    Okay, I have a
> harddrive currently running Windows95. Later today I'm installing
> another harddrive with approximately 500 MB to run Debian on. Should I
> have this second drive as a slave to the first one or should I put it
> as secondary and have my CD-ROM as the slave? My CD-ROM is currently
> running as the secondary IDE.    Do I need to partition the harddrive
> I'm putting Debian on? If so, what do I use to partition it? How many
> partitions do I need? I've read quite a bit on partitioning and it
> seems there are several different types of partitions. What should
> each partition for Debian be? Could messing with the second drive
> destroy any data on my first one (the one with Windows95)?    I've
> downloaded several Debian packages to my current harddrive. Will
> Debian be able to set them up from a different drive? What's the
> easiest way to do this?    There seem to be a lot of X Windows. Which
> one is the best? AfterStep? FVWM?    Lastly, having such limited
> knowledge about this, should I even ATTEMPT installing Debian? :-)
> I apologize for asking so many questions. Any help is greatly
> appreciated. Thanks.  Sincerely,James

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(BTW Thanx allot Noah for pointing out why putting my pgp key here was
a bad idea...now I hafta find a new funny quote or something for here)
"Ummm, me make *one* change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so
stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change, shoul dnot keep Lorto from
make Fire."

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