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Re: Looking for good e-mail client

>>"wrl" == wrl  <wrl@gandalf.wconsult.com> writes:

wrl> 'From Bill Leach <bleach@bellsouth.net>' AFAIK, none of the mail
wrl> user agents that I have used will allow switching the display
wrl> order except 'tkmail' (and it has behaviour that I simply can't
wrl> stand).  I suspect that email within emacs (or xemacs) will
wrl> probably do about anything that you could possibly want to do.

	Yes, VM and Gnus have several ordering methods. VM can change
 the physical ordering ordering of messages in the file. Gnus has an
 adaptive scoring method that can learn you prclivities and bubble
 interesting stuff to the top. 

 (optional arg makes the following sort in reverse order)
gnus-summary-sort-by-author gnus-summary-sort-by-date
gnus-summary-sort-by-lines gnus-summary-sort-by-number
gnus-summary-sort-by-score gnus-summary-sort-by-subject

	VM has even more stuff:
vm-so-sortable-datestring	   vm-so-sortable-subject
vm-softdata-of			   vm-sort-compare-author
vm-sort-compare-author-r	   vm-sort-compare-byte-count
vm-sort-compare-byte-count-r	   vm-sort-compare-date
vm-sort-compare-date-r		   vm-sort-compare-line-count
vm-sort-compare-line-count-r	   vm-sort-compare-physical-order
vm-sort-compare-physical-order-r   vm-sort-compare-recipients
vm-sort-compare-recipients-r	   vm-sort-compare-subject
vm-sort-compare-subject-r	   vm-sort-compare-thread
vm-sort-compare-xxxxxx		   vm-sort-messages
vm-sortable-datestring-of	   vm-sortable-subject-of

	Gnus can also limit the messages you see:
/ C		gnus-summary-limit-mark-excluded-as-read
/ c		gnus-summary-limit-exclude-childless-dormant
/ E		gnus-summary-limit-include-expunged
/ t		gnus-summary-limit-to-age
/ d		gnus-summary-limit-exclude-dormant
/ T		gnus-summary-limit-include-thread
/ D		gnus-summary-limit-include-dormant
/ *		gnus-summary-limit-include-cached
/ v		gnus-summary-limit-to-score
/ m		gnus-summary-limit-to-marks
/ u		gnus-summary-limit-to-unread
/ a		gnus-summary-limit-to-author
/ s		gnus-summary-limit-to-subject
/ w		gnus-summary-pop-limit
/ n		gnus-summary-limit-to-articles
/ /		gnus-summary-limit-to-subject

	Gnus can order the summary buffer any way you want: a
 ascii-graphical tree, collopse threads until you read them, buttons
 that you can click to expand/contract threads, and more.

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