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Re: how to make shell scripts executable -- and NTFS driver

Tristan Day <GreenSideburns@csi.com> writes:
TD> Okay, I've just downloaded the NTFS driver for linux.  It was in
TD> .gz format so I unzipped it, and got the same file minus the .gz
TD> bit.

Right, gzip only compresses a single file.  Most commonly, people
wanting to bundle things up use the tar utility and compress the
resulting file, resulting in a .tar.gz file.

ntfs-blah.tar.gz --> ntfs-blah.tar: gunzip ntfs-blah.tar.gz
ntfs-blah.tar --> <files>:          tar xvf ntfs-blah.tar
ntfs-blah.tar.gz --> <files>:       tar xvzf ntfs-blah.tar.gz

TD> Now I haven't a clue about shell scripts, as I'm used to dos batch
TD> files, so I looked into the dos to linux howto, which told me that
TD> all I needed to make the shell script executable was to type the
TD> following command:
TD> chgmod +x <filename>

This is a typo.  The correct command is "chmod".  (And it looks
correct in the copy of the HOWTO I have.)  I'm also guessing thaty ou
don't have a shell script, but a tar archive instead; see above.

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