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how to make shell scripts executable -- and NTFS driver

Okay, I've just downloaded the NTFS driver for linux.

It was in .gz format so I unzipped it, and got the same file minus the .gz
bit. I expected to find lots of other files, but didn't, which wasn't a
problem because I looked in the resulting file and found what seems like a
shell script.

Now I haven't a clue about shell scripts, as I'm used to dos batch files, so
I looked into the dos to linux howto, which told me that all I needed to
make the shell script executable was to type the following command:

chgmod +x <filename>

so I typed in

chgmod +x ntfs-long-version-number

and it told me that chgmod didn't exist. I tried man chgmod and sure enough,
there's no entry.

What is the command if this isn't it?

Is this the right thing to do to get the NTFS driver up and running?


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