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DOS emulator doesn't like pkzip

Here's my situation:

I have a Win95 machine connected to the internet at home

My own machine has Debian and NT, but NT is completely down at the moment.

I downloaded Netscape Communicator, a whopping 11MB, and had to span.

So I used my faithful PKZIP, a wonderful .zip compression utility, to span
over 8 floppies.

What I normally do then is to run pkunzip on NT, and copy the resulting file
onto my fat partition to let linux get to it. Unfortunately NT is down, so I
can't do this.

I tried to run pkzip on the Linux Dos Emulator, but it gave me nasty errors
suggesting that there is something wrong with my zip file, but there isn't.

What do I do? I've tried creating a dos boot disk from the Win95 machine and
using that to get dos, but it couldn't read any of my hard partitions.

I've heard that there's a .zip utility for linux, where can I get it and
will it work with disk spanning?



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