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Re: Internal ISDN Support?

Kevin Traas <ktraas@uniserve.com> writes:

> Hello everyone, I'm looking for an internal ISDN TA that I can use under
> Linux, and I'm hoping someone can provide some info on which, if any, are
> supported.
> I've looked at the Hardware Compatibility HOWTO and the ISDN HOWTO, but
> they're both years old and aren't much help at all - so, I'm turning to
> you.
> Anyway, I'm in Canada, so I need North American support.  Oh, and don't
> want an external device - for reasons that I won't bore you with.

I don't have any personal experience with ISDN in North America, but
the one manufacturer I know of that supports Linux is SpellCaster

Scott Hanson <shanson@shcon.com>  <shanson@debian.org>
Johmsweg 9, D-21266 Jesteburg, Germany

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