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Re: Diety / Apt Questions.

>>>>> "DZM" == David Z Maze <dmaze@donut.mit.edu> writes:

DZM> More elegant solutions involve using the xauth access-control
DZM> mechanism.  If you are the only person on your system with root
DZM> access, you can make things work by symlinking root's .Xauthority
DZM> file to yours.  If multiple people have access, you can use xauth to
DZM> grab X cookies with a command like

DZM> xauth -f /home/me/.Xauthority extract - $DISPLAY | xauth merge -

i find it convenient to add the following to roots .bashrc:

if [ "$USER" != "root" ]
  export XAUTHORITY=/home/$USER/.Xauthority

lantz moore, contigo software                         lantz_moore@contigo.com

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