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Re: Diety / Apt Questions.

Shaleh  <shaleh@livenet.net> writes:
S> Are you logged into the same box?  I mean you start an Xterm on the same
S> box and then su root.  It should work as shown.  Try this: as the user
S> running X type 'echo $DISPLAY'.  su to root and type what the other
S> display is set to.  Also as the user running X try typing xhost +.  This
S> will allow clients to access your X server (I think).

This is seriously the _wrong_ solution.  Yes, it will allow clients
access to the X server, but it will allow clients _anywhere on the
Internet_ access to the server, which is Just Bad.  One possible
solution if you insist on using xhost is to do "xhost +localhost",
which will allow any user on the current machine to access the X server.

More elegant solutions involve using the xauth access-control
mechanism.  If you are the only person on your system with root
access, you can make things work by symlinking root's .Xauthority file 
to yours.  If multiple people have access, you can use xauth to grab X 
cookies with a command like

xauth -f /home/me/.Xauthority extract - $DISPLAY | xauth merge -

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