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Re: StarOffice 4.0 *.deb

>    After getting some replies on this thread, I went ahead and dove in
> too.  I'm running the latest hamm and extracted the tarball into /tmp. 
> I then read the read.me, looked at the license, and said, "what the
> heck, I'll give it a shot." 

as a side note .... i always use dpkg to upgrade my system (i just don't
like the interface that dselect offers) ... but i'd like to sync my system
to the latest hamm.  what is the easiest way to do this with (dselect i

is there an option for which is 'download and upgrade to the latest
version of all packages i currently have installed"?

>    I thought that /net thingie installation sounded neat, so I did a
> "./setup /net" as root.  Fine, it installed okay.  I then logged out and
> logged back in as "redwards" (non-root).  I ran StarOffice and it
> segv'ed.  Hmm, I thought, maybe it needs a setup for each user.  So
> still as redwards I ran /usr/local/Office4/bin/setup (which is where I
> put it) and voila!, it runs fine.  Give it a try... 

when i run it as 'larry' (ie. non root) i get a menu which will let me
'install, modify, uninstall or repair' the setup.  none look hopefull
except maybe install, and that didn't make a difference.  staroffice runs
for maybe 20 seconds (long enough to click a couple buttons), and then
*POOF* it's gone.

i'm really wondering if i have some mixed up libraries or something.


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