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mutt - new mail feature?

'From Bill Leach <bleach@bellsouth.net>'

I don't know if I just plain don't understand what the docs are saying
or ...

I use procmail to sort & 'deliver' mail to mailbox folders in directories
called ~/Mail & ~/Mail/Debian.

This works 'just dandy', and with mutt I can read the mail (psudo-threaded 
for mailing lists).

Only, mutt opens on /var/spool/mail/<user> which usually is empty and I 
have to do a 'c', '?', <select with cursor key> to one of the mailboxs
that actually contain the mail.

The docs indicate that I should be able to just press the TAB key and
go to mailboxes containing new mail...

In .muttrc I entered (among other things):
set folder=~/Mail
mailboxes +AmigaSamba +carol +INBOX <ext>

AmigaSamba, carol, INBOX, etc. are mailfolders (accessable to mutt) located in

If I do a 'c', 'TAB' with the above in the .muttrc file then I do get a list of
all of the mail boxes listed in the 'mailboxes' command.  The box status' even
show which have new mail but mutt will not automagically go to these boxes but
rather responds with something like "no new mail" on the status line.

Anyone know what I am missing about this?

           b.leach@usa.net  LinuxPC@Hotmail.com
from a 1996 Micro$loth ad campaign:
"The less you know about computers the more you want Micro$oft!"
         See!  They do get some things right!

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