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Re: StarOffice 4.0 *.deb

> as a side note .... i always use dpkg to upgrade my system (i just don't
> like the interface that dselect offers) ... but i'd like to sync my system
> to the latest hamm.  what is the easiest way to do this with (dselect i
> assume)?

   This is what I'd do:  Use dselect, update all of the package lists, use
S)elect to select the various things you want to download.  Then use the
I)nstall option and tell dselect to download them all.

   At that point you can choose to to tell dselect not to install them all if
you want to use dpkg and do it manually.  All of the *.deb files will be under
/var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp in various subdirectories.

   Yes, it's still using dselect, but you can use it once. ;-)

> is there an option for which is 'download and upgrade to the latest
> version of all packages i currently have installed"?

   Yes, that is the S)elect function's default behavior.  Just update your
package files, choose S)elect, press space to get out of that help screen, and
then smack return.  It should throw you out to the main menu and then if you
I)nstall it'll only update files which you have installed on your system.

   The only "gotcha" to the above might be if there is dependency problems; in
that case when you smack return it will toss you to one or more screens to
resolve dependencies instead of sending you out to the main menu.

> i'm really wondering if i have some mixed up libraries or something.

   Sounds odd.  But yes, updating your libraries probably couldn't hurt (note
I did say "probably" ;-).

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