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Re: My first steps (and problems) with Hamm


> Also, now I have  lilo installed on the HDD and I cannot remove it. I've
> try "fdisk /mbr" from dos, but with no succes. Does anybody have a
> suggestion ?

Like I said to someone else, RTFM! :)  LILO stores a copy of the original
MBR in /boot.  Read the manual in /usr/doc/lilo for details on which file
to restore using "dd" and how.

> opinion). And Linux is not easy t learn, so why to make it even harder
> when it's not necesary ?

Sure it is, just read the manuals.  I agree that Debian may not be as
easy to use for newbies as some of the other distributions such as RedHat
and Slackware, however I truly believe that Debian is a technically
superior distribution which in the long run may out weigh the initial
learning difficulties, IMHO.


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