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My first steps (and problems) with Hamm


I was looking for more than a month to see the hamm in the stable. But
this didn't happened so I 've taken a deep breath, downloaded the hole
hamm from a local mirror and burned 2 CD with hamm, contrib, non-US and
non-free. I've decided to make a clean install, especially because I
have separate partitions for /home and for /usr/local.

And the problems started:

1.  Dselect comes with dpkg-perl as a default. But this cannot be
installed unless you already have perl.  On a new system you don't have
this.  I have had to remove and purge this for going further.

2. The system also comes with pcmcia as a default. I have had to purge
this also. Are laptops becomeing so spreaded that this was introduced as
a sugested package in a clean instalation ?

3. After installing what remained (the method suggested in "The Debian
Linux User's Guide", by Dale Scheetz), i wanted to install the X.
Actually I've installed it, but with a small problem with my mouse. In
bo I used to set my mouse as "MouseSystems" with "ClearDTR". This way I
have been able to use the middle button. But the XF86Setup didn't let me
do so. Is this a bug in XF86Setup ? I was forced to use "Microsoft" with
"emulate3buttons".  And now the surprise: just now I've discovered that
"/usr/X11R6/bin/xmseconfig" lets my set the mouse correctly.

4. Having installed the xbase and the servers, I've installed the window
managers. I was anxious to see the new fvwm95, especially because the
authors say they fixed the problem with maximizing of the windows (that
is not to maximize over the bottom bar). But the problem is solved only
if you are useing the original .fvwm95rc, not the one suplied by hamm. I
wonder why ?

5. Now my system was running and had almost everything I wanted.  Except
the TeX packages. And this because they depend on dpkg-perl. I have try
to install the package from dselect with no succes. Is this because I am
keeping the hamm archive on a vfat partition ? I doubt this very much.
Anyhow, yesterday, by chance, I've discovered that, when you are using
MC, the .deb files are like directories and you can walk through them
like you are walking through the .tar.gz files or a regular directory.
And in the dpkg-perl .deb file was an INSTALL file which installed the
package. Whithout any problem. Very strange... After this, the package
appeared in dselect as installed and I was able to istall everything
from tetex.

6. In the end I wanted to install the pine but it was nowhere in the
hamm, non-free, contrib or non-US. I used the pine package from bo, but
I wonder why pine is no more supllied (while the pine docs are) ?

7. And one more thing: the installing script doesn't let me mount by any
extended partitions. It wants only primary partitions. Not very nice.
Also, now I have  lilo installed on the HDD and I cannot remove it. I've
try "fdisk /mbr" from dos, but with no succes. Does anybody have a
suggestion ? And the instalation script from hamm and bo doesn't let you
make a lilo.conf for more OS'es. I wonder why, as RedHat and Slackware
let you make lilo.confs for more OS'es ? Is this by purpose or is a
small flaw ? This is not nice, especially for those who are not decided
yet to stay 100% of their time with Linux. The use of force (in this
case the absence of the option) tend to scare new users (this is my
opinion). And Linux is not easy t learn, so why to make it even harder
when it's not necesary ?



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