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Re: text mode IDE?

You shouldn't forget wpe/xwpe
it is a great little program if you are programmin gin C (never tried anything
else with it)
it will color the source code acoring to what it is...rather neat
it even has drpdown menus in text mode
a very easy one to use...and it has all of the compile, and whet not commands
plus...it has an X version that works vey muct he same


> On Tue, 28 Apr 1998, Dave Elliot wrote:
> > I was wondering if there's a decent text mode IDE for debian/linux.
> > Something similar to RHIDE or Borland's DOS IDE.  I would use
> > something for X, but I can't get that working yet.  Hopefully someday.
> > Anyways, anything would be great.  Thanks for the info.
> > Peace,
> > -dave
> Dave
> Emacs in all its glory is almost a text mode ide. Once you realize
> that you can invoke the compile command directly, using Mx compile, you
> get the default compile command make -k, which, if you have makefile or
> Makefile will compile your program. Otherwise, use command line editing
> commands ( C-a C-k to kill the line, and enter g++ [options] file.cc
> or g++ file1.cc file2.cc ...
> The editor will run the compiler in an inferior process, split the
> screen into two, leave the source in one window, put the compile command
> in the capture the error messages, if any, in the window with the
> compile command. Then C-x ` (C-x backtick, the unshifted key with the
> ~ on it) will scroll both the code screen and the error messages so that
> the place the compiler detected the error is centered in one window, the
> error message corresponding is at the top of the compile window.
> You can fix the error and repeat the C-x ` sequence until the error
> messages become ones caused by the compiler attempting to fix earlier
> errors.
> You can run the debugger in text mode from eamcs as well.
> I hope there is something that is better than this, but I think this is
> really neat, for text mode, that is. (Actually, this is writted by an
> avowed text-mode biggot.)
> If you will use xemacs in X-window environment, you almost already have
> an ide. Try it, you will like it.
> --David
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