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Special (Chessfriends) Question!

hoping to be not the only member of the ICC (Internet Chess Club)
here I am asking for advice for the setup of xboard for connect
to ICC.


1. it seems my password (using an .ics file) was not transmitted 
(or too fast to be recognized?). 

2. the manpage to xboard says that more parameters to be used
with xboard can be defined in the file .Xdefaults. Because there 
was no such file before I created one in my users home directory
~/ where all the other dotfiles (.xyz) were placed. But it seemed
all this parameters were ignored.

3. when I established the connection by adding the password 
manually i noticed that the transmission from ICC was illegible
by the amount of seeks between. Is there a method to filter them 

Thanks for any help in advance

  Helmut (missed-chance)

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